Why So Many Korean Companies Require Company Entry Exams

Companies nowadays always require entry exams and assessments to candidates. This is true not only in Korea but basically in the entire world. However, focusing on Korean companies, just like the rest, why do they opt for company entry exams for their candidates?

The Reasons

Korean companies prefer company entry exams before employing because they want a sense of standard in their companies. With this assessment, the candidates will be sifted based on what the company needs for their business by passing their exams. Below are the actual and main reasons why entry exams are essential:

  • Standardized assessment
  • Selection
  • Tradition
  • Objectivity
  • Consistency

Standardized Assessment

If the company has an entry exam, their assessment is standardized. This would mean that not anyone could actually have the chance to be interviewed or to pass the interview. Without passing the exam, being employed in the company does not guarantee an applicant.


It is also important that selection in the company is based on one instrument. In order to remove bias and uplift fairness, the entry exam would allow applicants who deserve to be in the position to get in. If an applicant cannot pass the exam, he cannot move on to the next process. This selective process would enable only those who passed to move on to the next level.


An entry exam has long been a world accepted tradition and practice. It is a customary international practice exercised by almost all states in the world.


Being able to pick candidates based on exam results would mean that partiality is done away with. Those who pass the exam are the ones chosen otherwise, the rest would have to reapply after a certain number of months.


The entry exam does not only uphold fairness and equality, it also ensures consistent results. If a company has one standard exam, hiring candidates in a similar way would be practiced. The consistency of an exam would allow the management to pick the ones who pass the exams based on the current questions. Changing the exam from time to time would mean that the basis is inconsistent and the hiring would in turn be inconsistent.

Nowadays, entry exams are nothing new. Almost all companies have company exams in order to pick the best person for the job. These exams do not only ensure the management the best employees but also efficient employees ready for a long term stay.